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Chalet Website Design

Do you remember the days when you could advertise your chalet on a couple of listing websites and the bookings would come in year after year?

Today, guests are more sophisticated and the holiday rental space has become dominated by the large listing websites like Homeaway, AirBnB and Tripadvisor.

Unfortunately, the larger listing websites' interests aren't aligned with us independent chalet owners. Listing on their website's means sacrificing our direct relationship with our guests and having to accept direct bookings and losing commission and fees to these larger businesses.

We believe that the way forward is to have your own website at the centre where you have full control and can have that direct relationship with your guests. Listing sites still have their place as a way to market your chalet, but it shouldn't be your base and should be complimented with a healthy mix of other marketing efforts such as SEO, advertising, social media, blogging, email marketing etc.

How do you get started with a website ?

There are so many options available for the independent owner, from DIY and page builders up to having a developer build a website for you. Each has it's pro's and cons.

We think Chalet Engine fits in that sweet spot where you get the benefits of a bespoke website, with the added functionality of a page builder for those that like more control. What's more, the hosting, backups, updates and support are all taken care of by technical experts that work exclusively with ski chalets

If you need a website, you should visit Chalet Engine