Streetview wants to tour your ski chalet

Fancy inviting Google’s streetview cameras into your chalet or apartment? Sounds crazy, but not any more according to a recent post on the Google Small Business Blog.

When Google maps and Google Earth first came out, it was hard to believe what was now possible. I remember staying up into the wee hours playing in Google Earth and visiting every place I could think of. When Google added Streetview, I was completely blown away.

I’m a huge fan of Google and I use both the Google maps and street view on the Ski Lettings site to help visitors find ski accommodation and where Streetview is available they can also check out the surrounding area.

More recently, Google announced that they would be taking their cameras indoors to include airports, shopping centres and other large public spaces. We’ve already seen them attach their cameras to the back of Skidoos and map out many of the ski resorts in the US,  so hopefully it won’t be long before they start doing the same in Europe.

In the meantime, google are now encouraging businesses to invite their cameras into your premises to continue the streetview experience indoors, giving the visitor full 360 degree panoramic tours of your ski chalet or apartment.

To do this, Google have selected a number ‘trusted photographers’ in 14 US cities as well as some in the UK, France and New Zealand. If there isn’t a trusted photographer near you, you can put a request through via the official Google site.

The entire process takes about an hour and the results will appear on Google searches, Google Maps and Google Places. You can also embed the streetview experience on your own website or through social media. for more information, visit the Business photos page on Google for more information.